About Newland Polytechnic

Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin is a new generation private polytechnic with state of the art equipment and condusive environment for teaching, learning and research. It was established and approved in 2022. We have experienced and qualified staff. We are committed to play a vital role in human resource development by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life.

At Newland Polytechnic, we believed our students are the centre of all our activity and are trained to be entrepreneurial in their approach to learning, leaning more towards self-employment and actualisation.


To Inspire individuals towards maximizing their distinct abilities in an innovative environment and achieving without limit.


Newland Polytechnic is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all. Empowering dedicated and hardworking team. Driven by innovation, aiming for excellence and promoting independence to exceed challenges in an ever-revolving world. Recording sustainable success through hard work, dedication and open-mindedness.

Leadership and Staff

We recognize teaching, research and service, academic qualifications, and experience. To improve the staff development programs policy, staff shall be encouraged through training and promotion to develop their potential and enhance their efficiency on the job. We have experienced and qualified staff.

General Review

At Newland Polytechnic, we are basically educational institution that offers hands-on practical education and training in technical fields such as engineering, computer sciences, management studies and applied sciences. Our school fees are quite reasonable