Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

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The Medical field is a diversified world, and one of its most sort after careers are the Pharmaceutical Technologists. Pharmaceutical technology plays a crucial role in modern society by improving the health and well-being of individuals. It involves the development, production, and evaluation of drugs and drug delivery systems, as well as the design and implementation of clinical trials and regulatory processes.


Career Opportunities in pharmaceutical technology are diverse and span across various areas, which includes Pharmaceutical Scientist, Quality Control Analyst, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Manufacturing Manager etc.


Why Choose us

Newland Polytechnic, is readily equipped with the best of Laboratories to train you to become the best pharmaceutical Technologist.


The Mission

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology is to provide pharmacy students with state of the art techniques, knowledge and skills to obtain or evaluate pharmaceutical products to be of high quality, safe and efficacious.


The Vision

The vision of the programmme is to provide the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies with highly-trained pharmaceutical scientists through graduate programs in the Department and to serve the community by help solving problems related to pharmaceutical products and their manufacturing.


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