Department of Computer Science

Welcome to Department of Computer Science

Computer Science programme is to prepare students to be research and development leaders in computer science and computer technology. To this end, the program is a catalyst and a resource for shaping the future of the broad discipline of computer science.


This programme is designed to produce technically competent graduates to meet National; Middle-Level Manpower needs in Computer Science.


Why Choose us

We aim at producing Computer Scientists who can readily impart their knowledge to students at lower levels of education. To develop self-confidence in handling problems associated with information and communication technologies, with minimal or no supervision


The Mission

The mission of the programme is to provide high quality instruction to our students, and equip them with the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in computer science that they need to take up real-world challenges. To conduct cutting-edge research in areas of national need, frequently in collaboration with other disciplines.


The Vision

The vision of the programmme is to provide an understanding of the fundamental concept of computer science. To enrich our students with different computing languages, tools, and techniques. To inculcate in our students the capability of analysis, design, development, and evaluation of effective software systems.


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