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Matriculation Speech Delivered at the 2nd Matriculation Ceremony on 3rd Feb., 2024

The Founder and the Co-founder of Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin, Engr. (Dr.) Rotimi Afolabi and Mrs. Folake Afolabi,
Chairman and Members of the Governing Council of Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin,
Distinguished Guest Speaker, Engr. Adeyemi Alao, joining in from Canada,
Special Guests from NBTE, JAMB and Ministry of Tertiary Institution,
Visiting Rectors and Principal Officers from other Polytechnics and Tertiary Institutions,
Principal Officers and Staff of Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin,
Parents, Guardians and Friends of Matriculating Students,
Esteemed Students Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin,
Distinguished Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen

With great appreciation to Almighty God I welcome you ALL to Newland Polytechnic's Matriculation Ceremony. Today is a celebration of new beginnings, as we gather under the banner of our chosen theme, “Beyond Boundaries: Embracing Technological Horizons.”

As the Rector of this prestigious institution, I stand before you, the next generation of innovators, technologists, and future leaders. You are embarking on a journey that is not just about acquiring knowledge but about pushing the limits of what is possible in the realm of Technology and beyond.

In 2022/2023 session, we matriculated 88 students into the six departments for awards of National Diploma (ND). Because of the demand for health-related and communication-related courses, Newland Polytechnic sought approval for new courses and was approved by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). The approval of these new courses by the NBTE underscores the recognition of the growing need for professionals in health and communication fields.

Today's formal matriculation of 520 students into Newland Polytechnic across a variety of departments, including Accountancy, Business Administration and Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology, Statistics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Community Health, Health Information Management, Science Laboratory Technology, Mass Communication, and Public Administration for the award of National Diploma (ND), marks a significant milestone for the institution. This considerable increase in the students’ population can be attributed to two key factors: the introduction of new courses and the standard facilities that Newland Polytechnic offers.

The introduction of new courses, particularly those that align with current industry demands and future job market trends, is a strategic move that not only attracts a wider range of students but also prepares graduates for successful careers. Fields such as Pharmaceutical Technology, Community Health, and Mass Communication are rapidly evolving, with significant implications for public health, technology, and information dissemination. By offering programs in these areas, Newland Polytechnic positions itself as a forward-thinking institution that contributes to the workforce readiness of its graduates. Furthermore, the mention of "standard facilities" suggests that the Founders of Newland Polytechnic have invested in high-quality infrastructure, laboratories, classrooms, and learning resources. Such facilities are crucial for delivering effective education, especially in hands-on fields like Science Laboratory Technology, Mass Communication, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Community Health. State-of-the-art facilities not only enhance the learning experience but also ensure that students gain practical skills and competencies required in their respective fields.

Here at Newland Polytechnic we are dedicated to breaking barriers in technical education and championing the spirit of innovation. Our commitment is not only to provide you with an academic foundation but also to inspire you to explore uncharted territories in technology.

Today, as you join our dynamic and diverse community, you are not merely starting a course of study. You are stepping into a world where your creativity and ambition can redefine the future. Our state-of-the-art facilities, distinguished staff, and innovative curriculum are all designed to propel you beyond the conventional boundaries of learning.

This institute has a proud legacy of nurturing minds that think differently, of cultivating an environment where ideas flourish and where students like you can turn their visions into reality. As you embark on this educational journey, I urge you to take every opportunity to learn, experiment, and collaborate.

Your journey at Newland Polytechnic is an adventure that goes beyond academic pursuits; it is about personal growth, professional development, and preparing to make a significant impact in the technological landscape in Nigeria and the World at large. As you begin your journey at Newland Polytechnic, remember that you are embarking on a path that goes beyond boundaries. You are entering a world where technology is not just a tool but a partner in our quest to understand and improve the world. Embrace this journey with curiosity, with passion, and with a commitment to not just personal success but to making a positive impact on the world. The technological horizons are vast and uncharted, but with your talent, your creativity, and your dedication, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

In addition, as we celebrate this remarkable milestone in the lives of our students, it is important to extend our heartfelt congratulations and profound gratitude to the parents and guardians. It is my sincere prayer that all the efforts you have invested, the late nights, the financial sacrifices, and the emotional support, will yield abundant fruit. May your dedication to your children's education and well-being be rewarded not just in their success but in the fulfilment of seeing them grow into responsible, knowledgeable, and compassionate individuals.

In closing, I welcome each one of you to this remarkable journey at Newland Polytechnic. Embrace the challenges, engage with the unknown, and join us in our mission to traverse beyond boundaries and embrace the vast technological horizons that lie ahead.

Thank you and congratulations on the beginning of what I am confident will be an extraordinary journey at Newland Polytechnic.

Ag. Rector, Newland Polytechnic, Ilorin

February 3rd, 2024.