Department of Community Health

Welcome to Department of Community Health

At Newland Polytechnic, our Community Health Programme is one to watch out for. Health is Wealth and we all deserve to be cared for by skilled health care workers who are also compassionate. We aim to make the world more livable through our community health programme.


Why Choose us

Newland Polytechnic Community health course is a medical practice which focuses on people's well-being in a particular geographical area. This essential public health sector covers programs to help neighborhood members in protecting and improving their health, deter the transmission of infectious diseases, and plan for natural disasters..


The Mission

The mission of the Department of Health Information Management is to train students that will build stronger health systems through the design and implementation of data-driven solutions that respond to local needs and provide underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.


The Vision

The vision of the programmme is to to be a world-class and leading health sciences and technology Institution that caters for the emerging market and development needs of the Nigerian society and the world at large.


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